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Oldboy — Barbershop with your personality

We have everything what a real man needs: atmosphere of masculinity, a spirit of good fellowship, professionalism of barbers and keeping European barbering traditions, as well as fine coffee and pleasant company

Oldboy Barbershop is more than just a men's hairdresser. This is the place where we help you to find your own unique identity. You should trust Olboy professionals once, and believe me, your new identity won't remain you indifferent. Men's haircuts and straight razor shaving are our prior specialization and we are sure that our barbers do best. As well-known Ralph Lauren once said: 'It doesn't matter which lifestyle you choose, but you must have your own style, your own world'. Of course, we can't make you another Cary Grant, but you can be sure of three things:

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You will always be offered a cup of coffee or a glass of soda

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We will cut and shave you at the highest level keeping to the all european traditions

Forever with Oldboy Barbershop

You will want to visit our barbershop again before you know it


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